Who we Are

REBORN ENERGY was founded by a group of engineers and R&D Team with over 20 years of combined experience into the energy segment with the idea of providing leading edge Technology and Renewable Energy Consulting services while maintaining the highest standards of Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

We believe residential customers need a reliable renewable technology partner to provide Quality Engineering Solutions to reduce or eliminate increasing energy prices.

Moreover, we believe that today’s business need a complete Solutions Provider that ofer a unique blend of Technology, Operations Management and diverse Business Expertise, offering a complete alternative for our Customers.

Why choose reborn energy ?

REBORN ENERGY does not sell technology, brands or false promises; we sell solutions that our clients can understand and have a quantifiable return of Investment (ROI), while saving money and environment.

We believe renewable technology is an accessory to enhance quality of life while saving money for residential customers and add value to increase competitiveness for business customers.

We at Reborn Energy believe that great companies are based on great partnerships and alliances to generate great Solutions. Our Company partners directly with the most influential manufactures of solar equipment and work with the R&D institutions and organizations to bring the latest technology from lab to our customers.

Thus, Partnering with the right people give you a broad picture of what is going on in the Renewable Technology field and what to expect in the future, so you can prepare for it!

Why choose reborn energy ?

REBORN ENERGY works with recognized institutions and organizations in United States of America to optimize; research,develop and bring to market new technologies into the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy field.

We believe Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies are at the heart of meeting future energy challenges, Company ‘s capacity to develop effective R&D strategies and programs through the use of well founded tools is becoming increasingly important.