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Delivery Checklist

Reborn Energy works to ensure that every order is on time, in full, and damage-free. However, damage can occur during transit. You can help reduce the impact of damage by having our Delivery Checklist on hand.

If items are damaged or short for an order, please act immediately by noting damage/shortage on the delivery receipt.

If damages are not notated on the delivery receipt, Reborn Energy cannot file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. Upon signing the delivery receipt, you are stating that you are taking ownership for the materials “as is”, which can include damages, shortages, and incorrect items.

Best practices in receiving a shipment include taking photos of the pallets while they are coming off the truck and inspecting it closely to check for the following:


- Are any panels missing?

- Are any pallet feet damaged?

- Is there any visible damage such as dents and punctures through packaging?

- Unwrap and inspect as many panels as possible for damage.

- Are any corner clips on the pallet missing/broken/loose?

- Does the pallet look unbalanced?

- Make sure top and bottom panels are not damaged - are there visible glass shards?

- If yes, please first note the damage/shortage on the delivery receipt before signing and then take photos of each damaged panel and their serial numbers.


- Are any rails missing?

- Are the ends of the rails damaged or bent?

- Is the wrapping and plastic on rails torn?

- If yes, note damage/shortage on the delivery receipt before signing and take photos.

All other pallets/equipment

- Take out packing slip and do a quick inventory of what has arrived.

- Is it the correct quantity?

- Are the item numbers matching?

- If you are receiving multiple shipments, please make sure to review your tracking number on the shipped order confirmation email and the products associated with each shipment.

- If you are receiving an order from FedEx Ground that contains multiple packages, you may have more than one tracking number. Check on the website under “multiple shipments” or contact us for assistance.


- Mark delivery receipt as “damaged” or “short”, while the driver is present.

- If you are unable to inspect upon delivery, please note “concealed damage” on the delivery receipt, in case there is hidden damage.

- Take photos of each damaged item and their serial numbers.

- Notify our Returns team at returns@rebornenergy.com or call (888) 551-2557 for immediate assistance.

- For details, please refer to our Returns Policy.