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EP Cube

A Complete Solution with Unmatched Flexibility

More Flexible, More Intelligent Residential Energy Storage System

All-in-one Design

EP Cube integrates a hybrid inverter with storage modules, putting communication cables and wires together with a quick connector to stack modules directly.
Easy Installation
Simplified Logistics
Cost Savings
Reduces Dependence on the Electrical Grid
Reduces CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint
Intelligent Management with Smart App

EP CUBE - Canadian Solar
EP CUBE - Canadian Solar

Completely Versatile

EP Cube’s storage adopts stackable design to allow you to flexibly and quickly add modules according to actual needs.
Ideal for DIY solar projects or scalable, repeatable installations
Energy capacity of a single unit: Approx. 9.9kWh - 19.9kWh
Power output of a single unit: Max. 7.6kW
A maximum of six groups of enlarged units can be connected in parallel, providing up to 119.9kWh energy storage and 45.6KW output power, meeting all your electricity needs for around one week

Reduce you electric bill

The EP Cube hybrid inverter allows up to 16A per PV string current, and supports up to 4 MPPT connections, enabling greater PV panel connectivity so as to transform more solar energy into electricity for energy storage. It also helps you store electricity from the grid when the price is lower, reducing costs and realizing automatic storage.

Power Guarantee

EP Cube detects grid outages and always stays prepared, providing your home with power backup. High-power electrical appliances will function normally even if the grid goes down

EP CUBE - Canadian Solar

The Energy of the Future is Already Here

Solar ESS Solutions
EP CUBE - Smart App

Smart App

EP Cube can be connected to WiFi and Ethernet. With EP Cube App, you can easily monitor generation, storage and consumption of residential electricity in real time; it gives a heads-up before extreme weather sets in; in addition, it also allows OTA(Over-the-Air) firmware upgrade.

Safe and reliable

EP Cube’s storage uses safer LiFePO4 batteries, and meets the UL 9540A unit level test performance criteria, effectively preventing thermal runaway and ensuring stabler overall performance and a longer service life.